Mistakes to Avoid When Going Through a Child Custody Battle

The Worst Mistakes You Can Make in a Child Custody Case

No one enters into a child custody case expecting to lose, but unfortunately, many people do. In fact, according to the National Parents Organization, more than 60% of parents who go to court seeking sole or joint custody of their children end up with neither parent winning full custody. This is often due to making some common mistakes during the case. Our Child Custody Lawyers in Grand Rapids will help you avoid these mistakes!

Not Having a Comprehensive Custody Plan: It is important to have a comprehensive custody plan in place before beginning your case. This includes having specific details about how you and the other parent will split custody, what the visitation schedule will look like, and how holidays and special occasions will be handled.

Dragging Your Children into the Divorce: No matter how bad things get between you and your ex-spouse, try not to involve your children in the proceedings. Let them know that everything is going to be okay, but do not talk about your legal issues with them or let them take sides.

Child Custody Lawyers In Grand Rapids

Not Communicating Effectively: When it comes to co-parenting after a divorce, it is important to be able to communicate effectively. Try to keep your conversations respectful and focused on doing what is best for your children.

Not Being Flexible: In most cases, the court will try to find a custody arrangement that works well for both parents. This means that you may have to give a little in order for the arrangement to be successful. Be prepared to compromise if necessary and make sure that you are not being too rigid in your demands.

Ignoring Your Children’s Wishes: If your children are old enough, the court may consider their wishes when deciding custody arrangements. Make sure you listen to what they have to say and take them seriously when they express their opinions about who they would like to live with.

Not Following the Court’s Orders: Once the court has made a decision about custody, it is important that you follow their orders. If you fail to do this, you could face legal consequences, as well as putting your children in an uncomfortable situation.